Philipp began working as a designer after graduating the study program Information Design at FH Joanneum, the University of Applied Sciences. 

He joined the Linz-based agency Fredmansky in 2018 as a Junior Art Director before founding his own agency in 2019. He has been working for selected clients ever since. Philipp has 5 years experience as a designer and product manager for digital design for the brand and digital agency Rubikon.

Since 2024, Philipp has dedicated himself to thriving in the world of freelancing, leveraging his skills and passion to forge a successful and fulfilling career journey.

Covering all areas of design in various projects, Philipp now focuses on digital design. He creates the link between brands and their audiences in today’s digital world. With eye-catching and engaging branding and websites he aims to develop a remarkable customer experience.

Reach out now to connect for exciting opportunities and to take a look at current projects!

Awards National

2x PR-Panther 2022
Green Panther Award 2021 – Silver

Awards International

Webaward 2022, Standard of Excellence
Webaward 2022, Outstanding Website
Davey Award 2022, Social Media Marketing
Interactive Media Award 2022, Website

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